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Backwoods Landscaping can provide lawn and landscape maintenance services tailored to your specific needs.  These may include:

Weekly Lawn Maintenance:  Weekly mowing throughout mowing season, weed eating/trimming, Backwoods Moweredging along walks, curbs and driveways, blowing debris from lawn and hard surfaces, spraying for weeds in landscape beds.

Seasonal Lawn Maintenance:  Annual Lawn Core Aeration Visit, along with over seeding with a hybrid Fescue Mix, fertilizing with a  slow release starter fertilizer 18-24-12, and liming.  Seasonal visits to apply recommended lawn fertilizations, pre-emergent herbicides, aerator and to apply post emergent herbicides or fungicides if needed.

Seasonal Landscape Maintenance:  Leaf Blowing/removal, mulching, pruning, landscape plant fertilizations, snow removal, winterizing irrigation systems, mechanical edging of landscape beds, Fire Ant Control, Plant and debris removal etc.   

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