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Professional Construction, Renovations, Drainage, Grading and Mulching Services

Backwoods Landscaping can install a complete landscape for your new or existing home.  We can provide all of your landscaping projects, big or small.  From simple plantings to entire landscapes, Backwoods can handle any landscape project.  Landscaping Installations include:

Hardscaping/Landscape Construction:  Backwoods Landscaping can design and install your new walkway, patio, and retaining wall, needs.  Backwoods specializes in Brick Paver walkways, Brick Paver Patios, Low Brick Walls/benches, Concrete Paver walks and Patios, Concrete Block/Stone Walls and Steps, Wood Screen Fencing, Pressure Treated Timber Retaining Walls and Dry Stacked Stone Walls.

Lawn Renovations:  Backwoods Landscaping can renovate small areas to entire residential/commercial lawns.  Renovation includes, having all existing utilities located, spraying existing lawn with a nonselective herbicide, ripping/scarifying the existing designated lawn area to a depth of 6 inches to disturb the root zone, providing and spreading a pure organic compost over designated area, tilling in compost to amend root zone, re-grading lawn area to promote proper surface water drainage, raking area to remove excess debris (rocks, roots etc.),  and smoothing lawn area to prepare for seeding or sod materials.  Finishing off by using Hybrid seed mixes, installing a variety of warm season sods and fescue sod, and fertilizing with slow release fertilizers. 

Plant Installations:  Backwoods Landscaping can provide and install any variety, size and number of plantings.  We locate our plant materials and travel throughout the local and surrounding counties of North Carolina, to hand pick each plant specimen personally from our favorite Nurseries.  We install each plant with an organic compost/topsoil mixture to amend the existing soils of the natural landscape.  Each planting is watered in well and staked for stability if needed. 

Drainage:  Backwoods Landscaping can solve most any new or existing landscape drainage problems.  From redirecting surface water flow, trenching and piping water away from downspouts and catch basins, to changing the grade in the landscape if necessary.  Backwoods can resolve water issues that plague your precious outdoor living areas.

Grading:  Backwoods Landscaping can do most rough grading tasks that homeowners may need in their smaller residential environments.  Using their Bobcat front end loaders, they can change existing grades, move soils and mulches, prepare for retaining walls, patios, and walkway installations, clear wooded areas, haul debris, and do just about any grading task.

Mulching:  Backwoods Landscaping can install new landscape mulching as well as replenish your annual (after leaf fall) mulching needs.  We install North Carolina Long Leaf Pine Straw and can provide and install most any shredded mulches and barks.

Seasonal Flowers:  Backwoods Landscaping can install seasonal color to your landscape, using combinations of flowering annuals and perennials. 

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