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The Landscaping process usually begins with a casual Landscape Consultation that involves, walking with a prospective client on their property and discussing their concerns and ideas about their landscape.   This process helps us understand your landscape needs and how we can direct our attention to those needs. The process is as follows:

An appointment will be made over the phone with you and a place and time to meet will be determined.  A brief overview of design what the nature of your landscape needs will be discussed to allow us to be prepared for the consultation.  We will usually request that you provide us with a copy of a survey of your property.  This survey gives us important information regarding the location of your house, driveway, existing structures, and property lines.  We will use this survey to take our notes during and after our consultation.

Consultations are basically free of charge and usually consist of meeting with you at your home or business where we can talk and walk your property or the area of your landscape in question.  During the consultation we will collect information by listening to your concerns and ideas.  We will take notes about the area of concern, noting important measurements, existing plants, existing drainage patterns, existing structures, utilities, and any other pertinent information that may affect the area of the landscape that is being discussed.

During the consultation we will determine what your landscape needs are.  Once we have met and discussed your landscape needs, it will be determined at this time if a simple landscape quote and sketch can be made or if a more extensive landscape butterfly plan is necessary or wanted.  Usually (no matter how big or small the job is) some type of scaled drawing/sketch is necessary, to convey the arrangement and spacing of plants, the routes of drainage systems, the location of proposed walks, patios, retaining walls, lawn areas, etc.   We will take the information collected and compose a detailed proposal clearly outlining each portion of the proposal.  We will discuss with you an approximate time it may take to get the proposal to you.

If a more detailed/extensive landscape plan is necessary, an estimated price will be quoted for the plan.  If you do request a more extensive plan, we will prepare and present the plan, and will give you estimates for installing any part of the plan that you desire.  If, in fact you decide to have us install the proposed work, we will wave all or part of the cost of the plan. 

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